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Virtual Motion Capture for Minecraft

This mod enables your Minecraft client to use the VMC protocol to manipulate vtuber models.
This mod includes an API for other Minecraft mods to create and implement additional BlendShapes to be transmit over the same connection.


BlendShapes are numerical values sent over VMC and are used by vtubing applications to activate toggles, move the model, etc. By default, the mod creates 20+ BlendShapes and sends them over

These BlendShapes represent various states and events from the in-game player, including:

  • relative health
  • sprinting
  • sneaking
  • taking/dealing damage

See the gallery for an example of using the player's actions to activate toggles.

Showcase Video


This mod is made specifically for use with the open-source vtubing application Inochi Session, but has been tested with VMC Protocol Monitor and should work universally.

The VMC protocol (and by extension: Open Sound Control) is used by many vtubing applications - this mod should in principle be compatible with most standard vtubing software.

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