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A Minecraft VR mod on a loader of your choice!

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This project is still in the Beta phase. There will be bugs and mod conflicts! Read the issue tracker and FAQ !


Vivecraft is the mod that transforms Minecraft into an exceptional VR experience in room-scale or seated play! More info

Vivecraft is a well-known VR mod that goes way back. Due to this it has some code practices that are no longer used and makes development and collaboration harder. In respons we've started to recode it using more modern methods, to stay up to date and more compatible with other mods. This has taken some time, and is still not fully done. For now, only the Fabric part has been tested, but we will also give Forge the same treatment. The end goal is to have Vivecraft run on Forge, Fabric and Quilt!


Why do I only see Fabric/Quilt?

For now, only Fabric is stable enough to be released. You can however still download the old version .

Isn't Vivecraft for Forge?

In the past Vivecraft was only available on Forge. However, we have rewritten it so it can run on Fabric as well.

Can other players see my hands/What about NONVR, VSE and VFE?

This mod also has NONVR included in the jar. When you start Minecraft you will get a popup asking if you want to use VR or NONVR.

For other players to see you hands you will need to have this mod and a serverside mod. The serverside extensions (VSE and VFE) work as well as fabric works with them, however you do not need to use them. This mod will run in NONVR mode on the server allowing you to see other peoples hands. The extension will be ported as wel however, since it adds some useful settings.

Does it work with MCXR/Questcraft?

No this is a separate mod, and does not interface with either MCXR or Questcraft.

Does it run natively on the Quest?

No, but maybe in the future.

What about Sodium/Iris ... Will it work?

Sodium does work. Iris loads, but doesn't work fully. Any other mod is untested. Mod compatibility is an important thing to us, however, it is not simple. For now we focus on getting it to be stable, after which, we will work on compatibility.

What about Optifine?

Optifine was a hard dependency in the past, and while it has it's uses, it also puts limitations on what mod it can work with. So the new version no longer uses Optifine, making it so more mods are compatible.

What about 1.19.x?

For now, we will stay on 1.18.2 to get it stable. Afterwards we will move to the latest version of 1.19.x. We don't have the man power to sustain multiple (sub)version.