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Voyage is a lightweight biome mod that adds 14 new biomes to your world. It features no new blocks, items, plants, trees or other. It only adds biomes and nothing more.


You can find images of all the current biomes in the Gallery section. Currently, Voyage adds the following biomes to the Overworld:

  • Bog
  • Cold Lagoon
  • Desert Mountains
  • Flower Plains
  • Lukewarm Lagoon
  • Lush Forest
  • Mixed Desert
  • Mixed Desert Hills
  • Mount
  • Polar Desert
  • Rock Field
  • Rocky Peaks
  • Steppe
  • Warm Lagoon


Voyage runs on Forge. It is fully compatible with mods such as Traverse Legacy Continued or Biomes O' Plenty, though be aware there might be some overlap in the biomes. Clients are also required to have the mod when joining a server.

No Fabric version is currently planned as Fabric already has great biome mods such as Vanilla+ Biomes, Traverse or Terrestria.

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