W95 has been archived. W95 will not receive any further updates unless the author decides to unarchive the project.

W95 was a mod I created for administrative use on servers like TotalFreedom. It was in development from July 2021 to January 2022. Originally privately distributed out of fear that it would be abused by malicious actors, it is now public because I no longer support it. It was succeeded by WNT.


W95 includes some interesting features not seen in any other mod as far as I know.


W95's main attraction for many was the Supervisor, an external window inspired by the Windows Task Manager that allowed you to do certain things even when the client is completely frozen, including (but not limited to):

  • Viewing what would have shown up in the F3 menu, except without the FPS drops that rendering text caused
  • Sending chat messages or running commands
  • Disable certain things from rendering (good for dealing with laggy entities)
  • Get a list of entities and block entities with some details

Due to reasons beyond my control, however, this actually caused the JVM to crash under Linux and MacOS.


W95 featured an entity dumper that allowed you to dump the NBT of every entity in memory to disk. You could do this by running the command /w95 entities dumpall.

Exploit Patches

W95 was written with the goal of being used on servers where creative mode exploits are common and expected. To alleviate the issues caused by these exploits, the mod includes some patches against exploits that were being commonly used at the time.

Module System?

W95 included a very limited module system that allowed you to do certain things. This system did not get very far, and the only module present in the mod is one that resists an exploit abused by a plugin you probably have never heard about. The module is called "AntiLockup".

If you find that certain inventory menus just won't show, toggle that module with /w95 module AntiLockup.

Where does the name even come from?

The name "W95" comes from the fact that I had planned to implement a ClickGUI screen that would have looked a lot like the original Windows 9x look. However, I scrapped the idea as soon as I realized I didn't know how I would do a ClickGUI sort of menu in the first place.

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