Wall Jumped

Wall Jumped


A Fabric 1.19.4 port of Updated Wall-Jump! as both previous projects are no longer maintained.

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This is for Fabric only and requires Fabric API.

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This is a 1.19.4 (and possibly beyond) port of Updated Wall Jump. This is the same mod written by genandnic of Wall Jump, but it's for 1.19.4.

Wall-to-wall platforming in Minecraft!

With this mod installed, players can perform new movements that will allow them to navigate their environment more dynamically.

Wall jumping allows players to jump off walls to gain additional height or reach areas that might otherwise be out of reach. To perform a wall jump, the player must jump towards a wall and then jump again off of the wall at the right moment. Timing is crucial, as the player must hit the wall at the correct angle and jump off at the right time to gain the maximum height.

Double jumping allows players to jump twice in quick succession, providing even more mobility and allowing them to reach even higher places. To perform a double jump, the player must jump once, then jump again while still in midair. This technique is helpful in reaching higher ledges or avoiding obstacles in the player's path.

Please see the following on how to do the various actions ingame!

Wall Cling: Jump towards a wall and hold the wall jump key (LSHIFT).

Wall Jump: While wall clinging, keep holding W and let go of LSHIFT to wall jump.

Double Jump: Optional mid-air jump that you can use to your advantage.

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