Updated Watson that displays LogBlock, CoreProtect or Ledger query results in 3D.

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Watson is a Minecraft mod that displays LogBlock or CoreProtect or Ledger logs in 3-D. It also has some features to make moderation tasks, such as observing chat and managing screenshots, a little easier. The current features of the mod are:

  • To open main menu, press L
  • To open the config menu, press L + C
  • It displays individual edits as wireframe 3-D boxes.
  • It groups edits of ore blocks into ore deposits, numbers each deposit, shows the numbers in 3-D space and provides commands to teleport to deposits and compute a stone:diamond ratio.
  • It draws vectors between edits indicating the time sequence of edits.
  • It draws text annotations in 3-D space. These can act as teleport targets.
  • Edits and annotations can be saved to files and loaded at a later date.
  • There's a simple built-in calculator for working out stone:diamond ratios.
  • It uses colour to highlight parts of chat that match regular expressions. This can be used to draw attention to banned words. It can also be used to highlight the names of people, acting as a rudimentary friends list.
  • It adds player names to screenshots automatically.
  • It does a /region info regionname for you when you right click on a region with the wooden sword (rate limited to once every 10 seconds - the wooden sword will simply list the region name the other times).
  • In order to shorten coordinate displays and make them easier to read, Watson also hides the LogBlock coords lines from chat and re-echoes them in a custom, brief format, where block IDs are numeric rather than words. Re-echoed coordinates are assigned colours based on their physical proximity. This makes separate ore deposits easy to distinguish in the coordinate listing. Note that reformatting and recolouring of LogBlock query results can be controlled by the reformat_query_results and recolour_query_results configuration settings, respectively.

If you have questions or need help with something, the fastest way to get answers is to join Watson Discord, otherwise put them on my github incase of crashes/bugs click here

Want to support development?

If you want to support development, check out my Patreon! Supporting me via Patreon lets me spend more time modding, and allows me to put out more updates for everyone to enjoy.

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