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Whitelistd provides advanced whitelist management through an injection to Minecraft dedicated server.

More than vanilla

Adjustable storage modes

Whitelistd has some storage implementations, you can choose storage mode according to your needs.

Current development progress:

  • JSON
  • MySQL [Not implemented]
  • MongoDB [Not implemented]
  • HTTP API [Not implemented]

Please pay attention to subsequent versions for more implementations.

Flexible configuration

Whitelistd has easy-to-understand options for configuration, you can feel free to modify the behavior of whitelist.

The special feature: Record

With only knowing player name, you can use record command to add an whitelist item that hit when the player first joins and automatically add UUID.

This feature nicely solves the situation that the player's UUID is not known in advance. (For example, your server is using 3rd party authentication api like LittleSkin)


Download JAR from Versions

Move the JAR file to your mods folder.

Make sure you've added Architectury API.

Start the server.

Modify configuration file. You can find the introduction at wiki page.

Restart the server.

Start to use.


Refer to wiki page.


Refer to wiki page.


Q: Why do I have to read a bunch of crap above before using?
A: I think it is useless if you are a server maintainer. But according to Modrinth's Content Rules, I must write that crap to make sure that users understand what the project does and how to use it.

Q: Is there a version for Forge?
A: Yes, but according to Modrinth's Content Rules, I'm only allowed to upload one version, so you can go to GitHub Releases for the Forge version because I don't want to maintain two pages of such a small mod. And the Forge version may be unstable because I have no more time to test it.

Q: Why should I use Whitelistd instead of the vanilla whitelist functions?
A: Whitelistd have some features that help server maintainers to manage whitelist easily. I'm also a server maintainer so I'll make the functions which I find useful. But if they doesn't meet your needs, I recommend not to use Whitelistd because part of the features may slightly affect server performance (when startup, player joining and so on).

Q: Can you release it on CurseForge?
A: No plan. It forces the user to wait 5 seconds, which is terrible.

Q: Will the mod support Quilt?
A: The mod won't support Quilt until someone open a pull request, because I'm not a Quilt user. It may work with Fabric bridge but I won't test.

Q: Can I use it on client-side muitiplayer games?
A: Client as server won't get any support because the mod is designed for server. But you can use it as your own risk: just make sure to add yourself after the first joining and set disableClientCheck to true.

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Licensed GPL-3.0-or-later
Published 5 months ago
Updated 6 months ago