WiiDude's Custom Origins

WiiDude's Custom Origins


An addon mod for origins.

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WiiDude's Custom Origins Mod! This is an origins mod addon mod that adds a fox origin and an easy to use Pehkui integration.

Fox Origin Info:

[+] Runs faster than a normal player [+] Gets a health boost from eating sweet berries and chicken

[+] Jumps higher

[-] Wolves do double damage

[-] A bit shorter than players

Lepus Origin Info:

Positive Attributes:

Energetic: Provides a 25% speed boost when above 7 bars of hunger!

Hop (Primary Ability): A large vertical jump with a short cooldown

Lucky Foot: Applies a permanent Luck effect, allowing for improved loot from structure chests and fishing!


Golden Vision:Golden Carrots let you see in the dark for a little while.

Negative Attributes:

Fragile: Start the game with only 7 hearts.

Vegetarian: You can't eat meat.

Boneling Origin Info:

Can shoot fireballs or arrows with its primary and secondary key.

Has less health. Isn't attacked by hostile mobs. Can't sleep.

Much more!

Things to know:

This is heavily based off of the extra origins mod. THIS WILL NEVER BE ON FORGE, DONT ASKl

Pehkui Version 2.6.0+ required or you will experience a crash on world loading.

Origins mod 1.2.0+ or you will get a crash when using the fox origin.

Formerly known as WiiDude's Fox Origin Mod.

Credits: The author of extra origins mod for having an easy to use open source codebase.

The creator of Pehkui for helping me debug and being an overall awesome person!

Dan's Other Clone for creating the Lepus!

Goals: 1,000,000 (Ik, it is a big one) downloads and a YouTube video!

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Licensed LGPL-3.0-only
Published 3 years ago
Updated a year ago