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Wiki Lookup


Adds the /wiki command to quickly and easily look things up on Minecraft wiki!

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Created10 months ago
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Wiki Lookup is a simple mod that adds two convenient ways to look up anything from in-game.  These lookups will open up in your system's default web browser.

  • First, it adds the /wiki command, which will look up whatever you type after it on Minecraft wiki (or another wiki of your choice, see below).
  • Second, it adds a new key binding (default: L) that will automatically look up any item that you are currently hovering over with your mouse.

This mod requires Iceberg, you can download it here. 


Client / Server

This mod is fully client-side.



Please see the configuration file for detailed instructions!  The configuration file contains the following options:

  • wiki_definitions - A list of wikis to use in the format <mod id> = <wiki url>. A mod id of _ (underscore) will be used as the default wiki for any queries that a more specific wiki cannot be found for.  Defaults to Minecraft wiki for all queries.
  • open_in_new_tabs - Default true.  If set to false, Wiki Lookup will attempt to open all queries in the same browser tab.  This is accomplished via javascript tricks, so results may vary.
  • attempt_wiki_resolution - Default true.  If enabled and you have multiple wikis configured, this option will attempt to figure out the right wiki to use for each query.  May be slow for large modpacks.


Example wiki definitions

All wiki URLs should use the Search function of the wiki, and contain a placeholder of {} where the query will go.


Vanilla Minecraft


        _ = "{}"


FTB modpack

            _ = "{}"
            minecraft = "{}"



You are free to use this mod in modpacks.


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