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  • Autumn colored fancy birches can now be grown from birch saplings in the Old Growth Birch Forest biome
  • Polypores are now tilted down slightly for a more natural look and to generally be more visible
  • Added recipe advancements (Recipes for items in the mod will now unlock properly when they should)
  • Woodpeckers now flee from foxes
  • Woodpeckers will no longer get stuck trying to reach a nest (they will eventually give up if they can't)
  • Woodpeckers will now forget about their nest if they are moved very far away from it
  • Optimized and improved how Woodpeckers check their nest
  • Updated to GeckoLib 3.1.37 and above (No more GeckoLib issues ♥)
  • Now requires Minecraft 1.19.2
  • Now requires a GeckoLib version between 3.1.6 and 3.1.26, preventing crashes and other issues from the newer (and very broken) GeckoLib updates
  • Tweaked purple violet texture to have a nicer color palette
  • Fixed woodpecker animations freezing when off the ground outside of flight mode
  • Fixed woodpeckers cluttering on top of each other when clinging onto the same spot
  • Woodpeckers now start flying when they land in water
  • Added Mod Menu integration with more buttons/links

  • Added a config with a bunch of options (including the option to disable the shaders warning)

  • Now requires Cloth Config API

  • Updated Korean translation

  • Added a few more log messages during mod initialization

Small hotfix to fix a couple of critical issues that managed to slip into version 1.1.0


- Fixed dedicated server crash when a Woodpecker interacts with a block

- Fixed Woodpeckers not using items on blocks correctly in certain cases


Update 1.1.0 Changelog:


- Additions -



- Highly complex, detailed, and playful new bird that likes to play with countless different blocks, perfectly simulating player interactions when doing so
- Click here to check out the official showcase video created and dedicated entirely to this new mob, due to the sheer amount of features they have



Dead Log
- New log variant
- Exists for ALL log types, including Nether ones
- Comes in hollow and bark variants, just like normal logs
- Can be crafted by surrounding a wither rose with its living equivalent
- Hollow Dead Birch Logs generate naturally in Birch Forests


Colored Birch Leaves
- Comes in yellow, orange and red variants
- Generates naturally on Fancy Birches in the revamped Old Growth Birch Forest biome
- Functionally identical to regular Birch Leaves


Tree Hollow
- Serves as a nest for Woodpeckers
- Generates naturally on Fancy Birches in the wild
- Woodpeckers can create them by drilling into logs


Nest Box
- Serves as a nest, just like the Tree Hollow
- Currently can be crafted by surrounding a Woodpecker Crest Feather with planks

- Has a single item slot, which tamed Woodpeckers can grab items from

- Currently only comes in Birch; all wood type versions will be added later



Woodpecker Crest Feather
- Sometimes dropped by a tamed Woodpecker when it (peacefully) exits its nest
- Currently can be used to craft a Nest Box
- Will have more uses in later updates


- Instantly tames any tameable Wondrous Wilds mob when used on one
- Can only be obtained with creative mode or cheats



Extremely Claustrophobic

Squeeze your way into a Hollow Log


Hitchin' a Ride

Have a Firefly land on your head


Anything Is a Toy

Give a Woodpecker an item after gaining its trust


Bad Hair Day

Take a Woodpecker's shed crest feather


Home Sweet Home

Construct a Nest Box



Block Tags
- woodpeckers_interact_with (Determines what blocks Woodpeckers can play and interact with)
- tree_hollows
- nest_boxes
- dead_logs
- hollow_dead_logs
- overworld_natural_hollow_logs
- overworld_natural_hollow_dead_logs
- overworld_natural_dead_logs
- copper_blocks (Used for woodpeckers_interact_with)


Item Tags
- tree_hollows
- nest_boxes
- dead_logs
- hollow_dead_logs
- overworld_natural_hollow_logs
- overworld_natural_hollow_dead_logs
- overworld_natural_dead_logs



- Added a partial Korean translation
- Added a warning message when playing with Iris Shaders or OptiFine (due to current incompatibility issues with animations)


- Changes -



Fancy Birch
- Foliage has been completely overhauled and redesigned from scratch, creating much more variation and nicer shapes in the leaves by using a highly modular system


Old Growth Birch Forest
- Revamped into a denser, autumn-themed version of its regular counterpart
- Fancy Birches generated in this biome can now have yellow, orange or red leaves, instead of only green
- Now has a higher density of trees than the regular Birch Forest
- Now has a different grass color


All Birch Forests
- Tree Hollows can now generate on Fancy Birches in the wild, and will be inhabited by a Woodpecker
- Fallen Logs are now made up of Hollow Dead Logs instead of regular Hollow Logs
- Enhanced vegetation with more grass and flowers



- Will now randomly be either walking or flying when spawned




- Violets and Polypores can now be composted
- Violets and Polypores are now sold by Wandering Traders




- Changed creative tab icon


- Fixes -

- Made GeckoLib a proper dependency
- Fixed mobs attempting to pathfind through Big Polypores
- Added potted violets to "minecraft:flower_pots" tag
- Fixed Firefly animations potentially breaking when out of camera view
- Fixed Fireflies preventing fall damage through an improper method
- Fixed feature for Birch Forest flowers being registered incorrectly

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