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ever wanted to stuff an entire world in a jar? no? too bad! this mod squeezes entire worlds into jars for your enjoyment. play god or go home.

You can put blocks in a jar block** with up to infinite* room! All of your storage issues are solved!
Make little snow globes, make a cool redstone contraption; The possibilities are endless.

Created for ModFest: Singularity


*The world ends at the world border; it is not truly infinite.
**As of releasing the ModFest version, the jar item is currently uncraftable.


The number stated after the permission ID is the minimum OP level that users will need to have the permission. This mod can also use permissions with mods compatible with Fabric Permissions API (such as LuckPerms). The permission ID and OP level are written respectively (in that order).

  • worldinajar.lock_jar 2
    • Allows a user to lock/unlock a jar. A locked jar cannot be edited. When right-clicked, a locked jar simply teleports the player if they do not have this permission.


  • Port to NeoForge? Fabric? <insert loader here>?

  • no
  • Port to 1.12.2? <insert version here>? Update to version X?

  • no
  • There is a bug and I need to report it!

  • Please go to the issue tracker and create a bug report.
  • Please add X feature.

  • yesn't (feel free to open an issue)
  • Can I port this mod to X?

  • Go ahead. The license permits doing so as long as you follow its terms. I ask that you credit the original mod and state that it is an unofficial fork, however. Forks claiming to be official will be taken down.

Redistribution 🖍️

CursedMC does not sanction any redistributions not hosted on its website, GitHub, or Modrinth. Do not upload this software to any other services without due credit and links to the original file from which the redistributed software was downloaded. You may use this software in Modpacks, given due credit and a link to download the original software.


World In a Jar is licensed under LGPL-3.0-only. See COPYING and COPYING.LESSER for details.

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