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XP Obelisk is a simple mod to store experience points. It's inspired by Ender Io's experience obelisk


  • Stores a total amount of 2.147.483.647 experience points, that's more then 21.863 level's.
  • Store/Receive the exact amount of levels you want. via "XP Transfer" item or Fluid Input/Output (Kibe, AE2, ...).
  • Patchouli Handbook (Optional).
  • Fabric Fluid Support.
  • Lock/Unlock for other players.
  • Block contains experience/lock when broken.
  • Fill/empty Glass Bottles to get Bottle 'O Enchant.
  • Collect nearby XP Orbs by right-click with a Redstone Torch to activate XP Vacuum (9x9x5 Blocks).
  • Repair Damaged Items with Mending Enchantment via right-click on XP Storage.
  • Craft XP Barrie Seeds to grow and harvest peaceful XP


Big Thanks to:

nickmesserr for implementing the fluid api

Project members




Licensed MIT
Published a year ago
Updated a year ago