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3.1.0+1.20 (Fabric)


YetAnotherConfigLib 3.1.0 for 1.20

API Changes

ListOption changes

A PR by Crendgrim - thanks a lot!

  • Allow to specify size limits for option lists.
    • This allows to set a minimum and maximum length for the option list with the minimumNumberOfEntries and maximumNumberOfEntries builder methods.
  • Allow "reversed" lists that add new options at their end.
    • List options until now always grew at the top. This patch allows you to manipulate this behaviour with the insertEntriesAtEnd builder method.

ImageRenderer changes

Added a tick() method to image renderers that allows to update the image in a regular interval.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where image renderers were rendered twice per frame.
  • Updated the ImageIO dependency to fix sometimes buggy animated WebP rendering.
  • Fixed the name of the list being rendered on every entry of said list.

Language Updates


yet-another-config-lib-fabric-3.1.0+1.20.jar(782.8 KiB) Primary Download

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