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Yet Another Config Lib, like, what were you expecting?

Why does this mod even exist?

This mod was made to fill a hole in this area of Fabric modding. The existing main config libraries don't achieve what I want from them:

  • Cloth Config API: It's stale. The developer of cloth has clarified that they are likely not going to add any more features. They don't want to touch it. (citation)
  • SpruceUI: It isn't designed for configuration. In this essence the design feels cluttered. Further details available in this issue.
  • MidnightLib: It has cosmetics among other utilities. It may not be large but some players (including me) wouldn't want cosmetics out of nowhere.
  • OwoLib: It's content focused. It does a lot of other things as well as config, adding to the size.

As you can see, there's sadly a drawback with all of them and this is where YetAnotherConfigLib comes in.

How is YACL better?

YACL has the favour of hindsight. Whilst developing this fresh library, I can make sure that it does everything right:

  • Easy API. YACL takes inspiration from Sodium's internal configuration library.
  • It's styled to fit in Minecraft. YACL's GUI is designed to fit right in.


The wiki contains a full documentation on how to use YACL.




This mod is under the GNU Lesser General Public License, v3.0.

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