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You Were Slain

Customize the death screen unlike ever before!

You Were Slain allows you to edit multiple elements of the death screen. There are lots of features, including:

  • A Terraria-styled respawn delay
  • Ability to change text colors
  • Allow for the text to fade in
  • Hide your HUD upon death, for more a more cinematic effect(it then unhides the HUD upon respawning)
  • Hide the respawn and or title screen buttons
  • Send a chat message including your death coordinates(only to yourself)
  • Custom death sound effect which can be edited with a resource pack(silent by default)
  • And more!

You Were Slain also allows for you to edit most of the text shown on the death screen without the use of a resource pack. This was done to easily allow for quicker customization.


Check out the gallery for a few quick showcases of what's possible with You Were Slain! Keep in mind that a lot more is possible outside of what's shown in the gallery.


There is a list of known compatibilities and incompatibilities which can be found on the mod's wiki.


Requires Fabric API and YetAnotherConfigLib.
Also requires Mod Menu if you wish to edit the config.

Requires Fabric API

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