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What is this?
A complete overhaul of Minecraft's Nether fortresses! YUNG's Better Nether Fortresses completely redesigns Nether fortresses from the ground up. Compared to vanilla, Better Fortresses are much larger, more complex, and more rewarding. Each fortress is comprised of three parts — the bridge networks, the Keep, and the Lava Halls that extend deep underground.

YUNG's Better Nether Fortresses also includes built-in Create compatibility! If you're using Create, certain parts of the fortress have a chance of spawning using Create pieces. Note that this is an optional feature — Create is not required to run this mod. Be sure to use the latest release of Create for your Minecraft version! Note that this is for 1.19.2+ only.

YUNG's Better Nether Fortresses is intended to be fully compatible with every worldgen mod, including:

  • YUNG's Ocean Monuments
  • YUNG's Better Witch Huts
  • YUNG's Extras
  • Infernal Expansion, Better Nether & other Nether biome mods
  • Apocalyptic Fortress: The AF fortress will spawn alongside the Better Fortress
  • Bygone Nether: Better Fortresses will spawn instead of Bygone Nether's enhanced vanilla fortress

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