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YUNG's Menu Tweaks
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What is this?
A lightweight client-side mod that makes navigating Minecraft's menus just a little bit easier.

This mod allows you to:

  • Right click cycle buttons to go back to the previous option
  • Use the mouse scroll wheel to change slider options
  • Change the background of almost every options screen to any texture. No more dirt background!
Note that the custom background option may result in invisible buttons when using certain modded menu layouts, so it is disabled by default.

If you have ideas for other features we could add to this mod, feel free to let me know in the Discord!

YUNG's Menu Tweaks should be compatible with any menu-changing mod, including ModMenu. Some important notes:

  • FancyMenu - Sometimes custom main menu screens made with FancyMenu will not work with the custom background option
  • Sodium - The custom Video Settings menu that Sodium adds may not support the new menu navigation features this mod adds

If you have any other compatibility issues, please let me know in the Discord!

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