Zetter — Painting Mod

Zetter — Painting Mod


Zetter is a Minecraft mod with a simple goal of adding a custom drawing interface to create custom paintings in Minecraft

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Completed features:

  • Simultaneous canvas edit, dynamic picture updates for all players in range;
  • Dynamic canvas texture loading/unloading;
  • 18 types of frames from all vanilla types of wood, all of them can be decorated with golden nameplate which will show painting name by right-clicking it;
  • Golden frames have more decoration, iron bezel-less frames allow players to create huge seamless paintings by placing them one next to another;
  • Frames could be easily replaced, you can take your painting off the frame and use another;
  • Color code input fields (hex) and HSV sliders for color picking;
  • Color blending options, classic RGB, subtractive, and realistic;
  • Brush tool with smooth edges;
  • Edit up to 2x2 canvases on easel;
  • 16x16 paintings can be combined and placed on wall, resulting in up to 4x4 blocks paintings;
  • Eyedropper, hand and zoom tool for easy navigation;
  • Bucket tool;
  • Save your colors in palettes, recharge palettes with paints and use them on multiple canvases;
  • Hotkeys included;
  • Export paintings to png files with /zetter export command

Available translations:

  • American English (en_US 🇺🇸) ;
  • Russian (ru_RU 🇷🇺) with the help from DrHesperus;
  • Portuguese (pt_PT 🇵🇹, pt_BR 🇧🇷) thanks to StuarteLitro;
  • Spanish (es_ES 🇪🇸, es_AR 🇦🇷, es_HN 🇭🇳, es_MX 🇲🇽, es_PE 🇵🇪 and others) thanks to iSrNinja;
  • German (de_DE 🇩🇪) thanks to OttovonBismarckderErste;
  • Chinese (zn_CN 🇨🇳) thanks to cream280;
  • Polish (pl_PL 🇵🇱) thanks to Vakarian89;
  • Hebrew (he_IL 🇮🇱) thanks to ItamarDenkberg;

Core values of this mod:

  1. Encourage players to create own pixel artworks and use it in their creations;
  2. Do not change vanilla gameplay in any way and try to be as much close to vanilla Minecraft feel as possible;
  3. Drawing should be fun and simple;
  4. Let power users to be power users as much as it doesn't overcomplicate UI;
  5. Server administrators should be able to easily moderate player artworks and decide what is appropriate on their server;
  6. Simultaneous canvas edit is super hard to implement properly, but I will because it's fun.

Planned features:

  1. Special admin table to check all pictures;
  2. Line tool;
  3. Setting to use higher resolution of canvases for higher-resolution texture packs, up to 64px on one block.

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Licensed MPL-2.0
Published a year ago
Updated 6 months ago