An over-engineered Zoom mod by Nolij

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By using this project in any form, you hereby give your "express assent" for the terms of the license of this project (see LICENSE), and acknowledge that I (the author of this project) have fulfilled my obligation under the license to "make a reasonable effort under the circumstances to obtain the express assent of recipients to the terms of this License".


An over-engineered simple zoom mod.

This mod adds a keybind which zooms in your FOV while it's held down, allowing you to see further away, and keybinds for increasing and decreasing the zoom level.


Q: Where is the config?

A: You'll find the config at .minecraft/global/zume.json5 (note that this is the default .minecraft folder, not the instance .minecraft). You can modify the file while the game is running, and the config will be automatically reloaded. On platforms which have mod menus (such as Forge, and Fabric with Mod Menu installed), the config button for Zume will open this file in your system text editor.

Q: discord where

A: https://discord.gg/6ZjX4mvCMR

Q: What version is this for?

A: Zume supports the following platforms:

  • Fabric: Any version supported by Fabric Keybinding API v1 (currently 14.4+)
  • NeoForge: 20.4+ (requires NeoForge 20.4.195+)
  • LexForge: 14.4 - 20.5 (requires MixinBootstrap before 16.1) (there are currently no plans to support 20.6+)
  • Legacy Fabric: Any version supported by Legacy Fabric Keybinding API v1 (currently 7.10 - 12.2)
  • Babric (Fabric for Minecraft Beta): Any version supported by Station API (currently b7.3)
  • Vintage Forge: 8.9 - 12.2 (requires MixinBooter or UniMixins)
  • Archaic Forge: 7.10 (requires UniMixins)

Q: Can you add support for <insert platform here>?

A: Every platform I intend to add support for myself is already supported. PRs are welcome for other platforms if the following conditions are met:

  • Must not break single-jar compatibility with any already supported platform (obviously).
  • Must not be for a platform that has a 1st-party compatibility layer for an already supported platform - explicit Quilt support will not be accepted so long as Quilt maintains a Fabric compatibility layer; it'd be a waste of CI time. Sinytra Connector is a 3rd-party compatibility layer, so explicit Forge support will be provided.
  • Must not manually maintain overridden game options; implementations that look like Mooz's will not be accepted - no offense embeddedt. Direct ASM is fine as long as functionality is similar enough.
  • Must make a reasonable effort to be maximize compatibility with existing mods on target platforms - see use of Neo/LexForge API over mixins in Neo/LexForge implementations, and use of @WrapWithCondition and @ModifyExpressionValue and such from MixinExtras over @Redirect in most implementations.
  • Must follow existing format - add a Unimined subproject for each newly supported platform.
  • Must not have exclusive features without significant justification - if you're adding a feature, add it to every version.

Q: What kind of weird license is this?

A: OSL-3.0 is the closest equivalent to a LAGPL I could find. AGPL and GPL are incompatible with Minecraft, and LGPL doesn't protect network use. OSL-3.0 protects network use and is compatible with Minecraft.

Q: Why though? It's so strict!!!!

A: This is, and will remain, free, copyleft software. Any requests to change the license other than to make it even stronger will be denied immediately (unfortunately GPL and AGPL aren't compatible with Minecraft due to linking restrictions, as much as I'd like to use them). Even in situations where I use parts of other projects with more "permissive" licenses, I will treat them as copyleft, free software.


This project is licensed under OSL-3.0. For more information, see LICENSE.

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