Access your abilities

Access your abilities


Mobility and Visual Accessibility Modpack

Client Optimization

Created2 years ago
Updateda year ago

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Access your abilities

This modpack was made with mostly mobility and visual accessibility in mind, as it's designed around the problems I personally encounter, lol


  • AMECS: Adds more keybind options
  • Apple skin: Gives a visualization of what foods give what saturation. Removes the constant need to remember saturation levels
  • Augmented autojump: Makes autojump go a full jump, and makes it generally more useful
  • Autofish: Re-Casts fishing rod when a fish is caught
  • Autotools: Configurable automatic tool switching
  • Betteradvancements Fabric: Larger advancements UI
  • Bettercommandblockui: Easier to use and read user interface for command blocks
  • Betterf3: Configurable debug screen information
  • Betterhandbobbing: Ability to allow hand bobbing without head bobbing
  • Better Sign Edit: Changes editing signs to require crouch-interact instead of just interacting
  • Better stats: Options for sorting stats and easier navigation through statistics
  • Better Suggestions: Shows suggestions if they contain the word typed, not just if they start with the word typed
  • Caxton: Makes text sharper and easier to read
  • Chat heads: Puts an icon of someone's head next to their chat, makes it easier to tell who is talking
  • Clickthrough: Allows opening containers through item frames and signs
  • Containersearcher: Search and locate items from containers
  • Craftingtweaks: Spread items, compact items, similar quality of life crafting tweaks
  • Deathlog: Detailed logs on where you died, what you had
  • Distinguishedpotions: Makes potions more distinguishable, adding icons for time and intensity
  • Don't mine it: Allows you to make a blacklist of blocks you do not want to mine, and put requirements on what tools you want to be able to mine a block with
  • Draggable Lists: Allows resource packs and datapacks to be dragged instead of needing to click the arrow button
  • Dynamic crosshair: Extremely configurable crosshair
  • Dynamic FPS: Caps FPS when you're tabbed out of the game
  • Emi: Viewer of all items and crafting recipes
  • Emi Loot: Viewer of loot tables
  • Emoji Type: Ability to type emojis in game
  • Gamma utils: Configurable gamma levels, allows for changing the brightness past the highest vanilla setting, but still having control below going to fullbright levels
  • Hithoverbox:
  • Idwtialsimmoedm: Explanations on what different enchantments do
  • Jade: Information on the block or entity you're looking at
  • Lighty: Light information overlay
  • Model fix: Fixes gap on the edge of models
  • More Chat History: Allows for scrolling back in chat history way farther
  • More mouse keybinds: Gives the ability to hold right/left click, or periodically use/attack
  • Mouse wheelie: Sorting and item movement options
  • Nbtac Fabric: Autocomplete nbt in commands
  • Nbttooltips: Show information about an item's nbt
  • Nmuk: Allow more things to be rebound, like the escape key
  • Nostrip: Ability to stop yourself from stripping logs when you don't want to
  • Notifmod: Configurable notifications for in-game or chat events
  • Pickupnotifications: Notifications for items that are picked up
  • Random block placement: Allows placing blocks randomly
  • Screenshot To Clipboard: Screenshots are automatically added to the clipboard
  • Shulker box tooltip: Gives a visual display of what's in a shulker box instead of a written one
  • Smooth swapping: Makes the animation for items being removed from/placed into containers - smoother
  • Sodium: More visual options, optimization
  • Sodium extra: Particle options, disabling specific particles
  • Soundsbegone: Ability to silence very specific sounds
  • Spark: Performance profiler
  • Stackdeobfuscator: Makes log errors make more sense for developers
  • Stack To Nearby Chests: Allows stacking items that will fit in a stack to nearby chests
  • Stats search: Lets you search your statistics
  • Subtitle Highlight: Different subtitles types have different colors
  • Visibletogglesprint: Configurable visual notification on toggle setting
  • Vt Downloader: Downloader for Vanilla Tweaks resource packs
  • World Edit CUI: Gives a visual display of your world edit selection
  • Zoomify: Configurable zoom options

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