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To install Additive, visit our documentation which provides instructions on using ATLauncher, MultiMC, and Prism Launcher.

Additive is a simple OptiFine alternative modpack. It has many of the features you know and love from OptiFine, like shaders, high optimization, resource pack features, zoom, capes, and more. This pack is built from my other project, Adrenaline, which is what gives it the optimizations. Here is a video by BillyDaBongo that explains what Additive is, how to install it, and other modpacks like Simply Optimized.

📥 Installation guide

Please follow this tutorial on the Adrenaline wiki to figure out how to install the modpack, or use the instructions in the official Modrinth documentation above. After you install the pack, you can figure out how to tweak things to give greater optimizations in the post-install section of the Adrenaline wiki. This includes procedures such as increasing your allocated memory, tweaking your game settings for your device, and some more advanced stuff such as changing your Java runtime and JVM flags. Yes, Additive uses Adrenaline's wiki as that is what this is built from.

🔥 Performance

Through various optimization mods and mod configurations, Additive can cause your game to reach quite high framerates and use fewer resources. This also causes a big decrease in startup times, world loading times, and more. From my testing, Additive can sometimes reach up to 8x the framerate as compared to having no mods.

🔍 OptiFine features

Additive is made as an open-source, modular alternative to OptiFine, and for that reason it aims to have many of the same features that the mod has including but not limited to:

  • Ultimate performance boost
  • OptiFine resource pack features*
  • Shader packs*
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Better grass and snow
  • OF donator capes
  • Many other key OptiFine features

*Not all features are supported and some packs may load improperly.

Don't want these extra features? Use Adrenaline instead, which is what Additive is built from. Adrenaline is a base layer that only adds optimizations and nothing else, and may actually run faster than Additive.

❓ Why this over OptiFine?

A few years ago, OptiFine was the way to get the most performance out of Minecraft and had quite a few extra features that people loved. However, as of recently, this is no longer the case. OptiFine acts as a sort of "modpack in a mod," and because of that, many features that are incompatible with other mods are unable to be disabled. OptiFine is also closed-source so this makes it very frustrating for modders who can't figure out why the mod has broken theirs. OptiFine also does not natively run on Fabric, requiring a mod such as OptiFabric which is hard to maintain. Because of this, mods in this pack were created and work very well, if not better, as a replacement for OptiFine. Additive updates much faster than OptiFine. It does take a bit of getting used to when switching, but you will surely enjoy it much more after a little experience.

✅ Compatibility

Additive can run on many devices, even if they have low specs as that's what I try to keep in mind when creating this pack. It can also run on Windows, Linux, and probably Mac too, though I can't test that as I don't own one. In regards to mod compatibility, this is way more compatible with other mods than OF because of the reasons above.

If you have a very, very low spec device, I'd suggest you to use Adrenaline as it doesn't contain all those extra mods and is built directly for performance.

🔄️ Updates quickly

I attempt to update Additive as soon as I can so that you can get tested builds even for the newest Minecraft versions. Sometimes this may be slowed down as this pack is maintained by only me, but I will try to get them out quickly.

➡️ Note: This does not apply to snapshots most of the time. I do not bother as they can sometimes require lots of maintenance and come out too quickly. If I recall correctly, Simply Optimized sometimes has updates for snapshots, so feel free to check that out if you really need them.

⚙️ How it works

The pack uses a wide range of different optimization mods that tend to work well together. Many of the mods are tweaked to give better performance than their factory defaults, and it really does work! One thing you may want to consider is that as compared to a few other modpacks, Additive is a little more aggressive and can be a little unstable.. rarely that is. Other than that, you should notice an improvement over most other packs. For the OptiFine features, this pack utilizes mods such as LambDynamicLights, LambdaBetterGrass, Zoomify, Iris, CIT resewn and many others to get them.

🐛 Reporting Issues

Experiencing bugs, crashes, or other issues? Feel free to open an issue on the issue tracker. Sometimes this may be an issue with Adrenaline and not Additive itself, so I will move the issue accordingly if needed.

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

For a few frequently asked questions, please visit the Adrenaline wiki. It also has a few other helpful resources that I suggest you read, such as troubleshooting info and more :)

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Yes, this description format is definitely inspired by Sodium's description. Hey, I needed a good base for this :p