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Just some mod updates.


mc1.21 stable

Adrenaline for mc1.21 is now considered stable and ready for production use.

Archived Quilt versions

As of this release, all Quilt versions of Adrenaline have been archived and the pack will mainly focus on Fabric (for the time being). I had to do this as it puts a huge burden on me when I have to support multiple loaders, since it nearly doubles the amount of versions I need to update and thoroughly test.

Quilt also simply seems to be dying as a project and is pretty behind on updates, and there aren't very many reasons to use it nowadays as the majority of popular Quilt-exclusive mods have been ported back to Fabric or have alternatives on Fabric. This wasn't because of anything personal to the Quilt developers or anything, it's simply because it makes it so much more difficult for me to maintain the modpack when I have so many versions to manage.

If you still need to use Quilt, it should be relatively easy for you to switch Fabric loader over to Quilt loader and then switch Fabric API to QSL/QFAPI after installation. It should just work in most cases since Quilt is compatible with Fabric mods. Thanks for understanding and I apologize if this causes any issues for anyone.


mc1.21 Beta

Adrenaline is now available for mc1.21 as a beta! Beware of bugs, if you experience issues then make sure to use the issue tracker. Currently missing mods:

  • Noisium
  • Nvidium

Here are the mods force-enabled through loader dependency overrides:

  • Cull Less Leaves
  • ThreadTweak

CLL Random Rejection

CLL's Random Rejection has been set to 0, which should make leaves look normal for the most part. This shouldn't affect performance.

Updated mods

Updated all mods in the modpack. Held off on Sodium update on mc1.20.6 since Nvidium isn't compatible with latest Sodium yet.

Detailed changes

For a list of detailed changes, see the Git commit history.


1.20.6 is stable

All mods are available in 1.20.6 now.

Replaced MoreCulling with Cull Less Leaves

MoreCulling causes a ton of mod incompatibilities, breaks item frame rendering in some cases, and also breaks some resource packs such as the 3D models feature from VanillaTweaks. The majority of it's unique optimizations (and issues) are from it's blockstate culling feature, which has not been proven to improve performance in any major way. I've decided to simply replace More Culling with Cull Less Leaves, which should barely affect performance while greatly improving mod compatibility and stability.

Mod updates

Updated many mods and also updated Quilt loader.

Detailed Changes

Detailed changes are available by looking through the commit history on the repository.

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