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Adrenaserver is a performance-focused modpack designed specifically for server-side use. It aims to boost the performance of your server with a minimal number of mods that enhance speed without altering the core gameplay. This modpack is intended to serve as a foundation for further customization or can be used as is for a streamlined and optimized server experience.

Adrenaserver is specifically designed for server use and is not recommended for personal, client-side use. If you are looking to improve your game performance, I suggest using my client-side performance modpack, Adrenaline, which can offer significant improvements to framerate and other gameplay aspects.

πŸ“₯ Installation guide

Installing Adrenaserver on your server is a bit more complex as compared to a client-side modpack. This is because there are limited options for installing server packs. However, if you have some prior experience, it should still be manageable. Before starting the installation process, make sure you have either a Fabric or Quilt server set up.

πŸš€ Simple: Install through launcher, and move to server folder

Check this documentation learn how to download the modpack with a launcher.

After you have done that, simply move the mods folder and config folder that you have downloaded through the launcher to your Fabric/Quilt server folder.

⭐ Simple: Install with Superpack

You can use a useful tool by Gaming32 called Superpack to download this modpack's content and extract it to a folder. Here are the Superpack releases.

✨ Simple: Install with and use mcman

mcman is a tool for managing the mods/plugins/configurations of a Minecraft server.

First, install mcman from releases. To import Adrenaserver while initializing a server, use this command:

mcman init --mrpack mr:adrenaserver

After initializing and importing the mrpack, run mcman build to build the server into the server/ directory, from which you can call cd server && sh or cd server && call start.bat

For more information, check out mcman's docs.

πŸ§™ Advanced: Use packwiz-installer to install and auto-update on launch

I can't stress this enough. Before doing any of this, be sure to have backups of the server. You do not want any possible loss of data.

packwiz-installer is a useful tool that lets you automatically install and update a modpack through the pack.toml file of that pack.

Some server hosts may let you set a command that runs before the server actually starts. It's called a pre-launch command. I can't exactly help if you are using an external server provider as many don't support pre-launch commands or require you to supply your own jar file that will run the command.

First, you need to install packwiz-installer-bootstrap from here. After that, move it to the same folder as your server's Fabric/Quilt loader jar. This will usually be the root of the server.

Change fabric to quilt in the link if needed. You may also change the MC version of the modpack (available versions only).

java -jar packwiz-installer-bootstrap.jar -g -s server

If you are running this server through a batch file or something like that, you can add this command before your server's launch command and it should work just fine.

Having trouble? Join my Discord server and I may be able to help you. There's always the packwiz wiki and packwiz Discord server aswell.

After this, I recommend following the post-install guide:

βš™ Post-install tips and tricks

Pre-loading chunks

I highly recommend pre-loading your chunks so that you can prevent lag when players generate new ones. Keep in mind that pre-loading can take quite a long time, and you should probably do it when people aren't online.

ℹ️ You must install Chunky to do this.

Choose the world, replacing minecraft:overworld with the corresponding world:

chunky world minecraft:overworld

Choose the radius to pre-load, replacing 2500 with how much you want to do:

chunky radius 2500

After choosing the world and the radius, start pre-loading:

chunky start

Extra mods

These mods are not included to keep Adrenaserver lightweight, small, and true to it's purpose. However, you may want them:

πŸ”₯ Performance

This pack has been designed to enhance server performance by boosting TPS (ticks per second) and reducing MSPT (milliseconds per tick), as well as reducing resource usage. With every update, I work to find new ways to improve the performance through modifications and configurations. If you have any suggestions for mods or other performance-enhancing additions, please feel free to share them on the repository's issue tracker. Just be sure that any suggestions do not alter the core functionality of the game.

πŸ—„οΈ Built for servers

Adrenaserver is specifically tailored for small to medium-sized Minecraft servers. Its main goal is to provide server hosts with a hassle-free solution for boosting their server performance without requiring extensive technical knowledge. Clients who join the server will not need to install any additional mods, as the pack is compatible with vanilla, Fabric, Quilt, and Forge clients. This keeps the server accessible and eliminates the need for players to perform any extra steps before joining.

β—½ Keeping it simple

Adrenaserver is focused strictly on optimization, and does not add any additional features. This makes it an ideal foundation for building your server, particularly for SMP servers and vanilla servers that only require a speed boost, but also other servers that may want to use this as a base. By keeping the focus on optimization, this pack ensures that your server remains stable and performs well without any extra bells and whistles.

πŸ”„οΈ Updates quickly

My goal is to keep Adrenaserver up-to-date with the latest Minecraft releases, providing tested builds as soon as possible. Although the maintenance of the pack is solely done by me, I will make every effort to release updates promptly. However, please note that there may be some delays due to my limited time and motivation.

➑️ Note: This does not apply to snapshots most of the time. I do not bother as they can sometimes require lots of maintenance and come out too quickly.

βš™οΈ How it works

The pack utilizes a combination of carefully selected optimization mods that have been proven to work well together. These mods have been fine-tuned to provide improved performance over their default settings, and the results can be quite impressive. However, it's important to note that compared to other modpacks, Adrenaserver can be a little more aggressive in its optimizations, and as a result, may occasionally be prone to stability issues. Nonetheless, these instances are quite rare and this pack is known to deliver reliable performance.

πŸ› Reporting Issues

Experiencing bugs, crashes, or other issues? Feel free to open an issue on the issue tracker.

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