Amy's Awesome Vanilla Plus DEDICATED SERVER


This modpack is intended for a dedicated server to host Amy's Awesome Vanilla Plus modpack.


Created5 months ago
Updated5 months ago

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Amy's Awesome Vanilla Plus Server ModPack

This modpack is intended for a dedicated server. For the client modpack see client

Amy's take on a wonderfully optimized, immersive, and enhanced vanilla plus minecraft experience full of all the things she thinks Minecraft should be. Use Create to make incredible machines, go on an RPG style adventure, or enjoy building with ease. No matter what you choose the world will be beautiful and immersive.

Currently undergoing active development. Any feedback or help is greatly appreciated. ToDo List

Building on Amy's Enhanced Vanilla ModPack This is the continuation and pinnacle of her efforts to create a fun vanilla plus modpack that includes all the things she wanted from a modpack but couldn't find anywhere else.

This is her modpack that finally adds new content to Minecraft. Some highlights are:

  • Create Mod for all the technical tinkerers
  • ZsoltMolnarrr's RPG series for the role players
    • Archers
    • Jewelry
    • Priests & Paladins
    • Wizards
  • Farmer's Delight for more diverse food options
  • Several world gen, mob, and game mechanics additions for the explorers
  • New blocks, ways to transform old blocks, and QoL improvements for builders

Many, many, many mods, resource packs, and datapacks have been included so please take a look at the Credits.txt file for all the credit to the amazing people who made all the things. This modpack was the first where I really had to learn about modding and how to integrate mods together that had conflicts or just weren't originally designed with other mods in mind. It's a labor of love and if you have any feedback or can help improve it, I'd greatly appreciate hearing from you.

This modpack includes resources not available on Modrinth. All diligence was done to assure at the time of publication I had permission to redistribute these files:

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