Better FPS (Modpack)

Better FPS (Modpack)


Utilizes the power of Vulkan API to give you the best performance boost, even on 10-year-old PCs.

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Important to keep in mind that VulkanMod is still in the alpha, so many mods are incompatible with it. But I will try to only include mods that work with Vulkan.

Better FPS is the best fps boost mod pack for absolute potato PCs I can confirm this because I have a pc with an I7 - 6600U, which is the oldest CPU that is currently supported by Microsoft/windows. I can guarantee you that you will get 60 FPS and more, and by that, I mean constant with no frame drops. This pack is built on VulkanMod it rewrites the render engine OpenGL to use the VulkanAPI.

Since I use it I've never got frame drops again your pc can lag and make his own stuff but something that will never lag is your frame rate.

So give it a try.

If you have issues, join my discord. For people that want to add own mods, here is a list of incompatible/compatible mods.

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