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Cabricality is a Create centered challengable Minecraft Modpack for Quilt 1.18.2.

With Cabricality, you can follow the quests and build your own factory along with Create and Industrial Revolution. From shoveling clays under valleys to voyaging inside space stations, you can develop the technologies diversely as you want.

Cabricality is inspired by Create: Above and Beyond, but reimplemented on the base of the original pack. Welcome, challenger, we hope you to enjoy our work!


Thread Basing

As a technical modpack, Cabricality has a main thread of technology developments. Aside from it, there are sub threads of unnecessary technologies.

The well-described quests will surely set you up goals before every tech term. Don't worry, with us, you will be neither stressed out nor puzzled.

Quest Helpers

Lying on the left of the quest page, Overview is where you can unlock and review all the chapters and milestones at a glance. Every chapter has its unique assembly lines, and brand-new adventures.

Well, quests are just helpful tools we have prepared for you. It's absolutely at your will to choose to experience the pack in your own way!

Automata Era

Nearly all machine necessities are automatable. It may be painful to reasonably divide the occupied area and functions of machinery, but as the old saying goes, no pains no gains. After all, you'll be able to unlock milestones and have encompassing visions of your magnificent factory!

Trading Wonders

You will have the ability to produce trade stations when brass supply is sufficient. When you plug the precise instrument on with adequate energy, it roars. With the help of trade cards and profession cards, some rarely seen materials could be exchanged by coins, and the process can also be reversed. Ah, my precious!

The system is poorly needed during the produce of enderium materials. The queer material born in anotherland, combines silver coins in a mysterious way. If you aren't an alchemist, the only way to obtain them is through trade.

Chaotic Alchemies

Substrates caged in glass jars break into pieces of treasure at the presence of an alchemist. You can do it too! Infuse dusts to molten glass yields substrates, and after mixing and smelting and the help of catalysts, matters manufacture matters. It's magic!

Catalysts aren't that easy to obtain. Struct a laser emitter and let the particle ray combine right substrates into exact catalysts. The recipe is randomly different between worlds, so excite yourself to find the right ones!

Space Exploring

You might leave behind quests by landing on the moon, but your story never ends. Ad Astra! made exploring other planets and galaxies possible, what's more, you can build your space stations outside atmospheres!

Deeper adventure awaits, don't stop, Hitch Hiker!

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