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ChainSMP Modpack

This Modpack is composed of QoL, Perfomance and Content Mods.
The focus of this Modpack is to keep the Vanilla feeling, while expanding the Game to be new and interesting.

The Modpack has...


  • Arrow Spell - Shoots a barrage of Arrows in front of you.
  • Pull Spell - Pulls Players to you.
  • Push Spell - Pushes Players away from you.
  • Rewind Spell - Teleports back in to your Past.
  • Suicide Spell - Trapped in Prison, your free way out.
  • Teleport Spell - Teleports you to a Player in your surrounding.
  • Supernova Spell*¹ - BIG BOOM
  • Juggernaut Spell*¹ - Become the Juggernaut, for 2 Minutes.


Mana is needed to cast Spells. It can be consumed in form of a Potion that can be obtained by brewing Chorus Flowers in a Brewing stand.


We use Simple Voice Chat to have an immversive experience.
It allows you to talk with near by Players.


A Worldmap is also included so you always you know where you are.
You can fill up your Worldmap by exploring the Server.

More Mob Variants

All Cows look the same how boring!
This is changed, cows, pigs, zombie now have more than one appearance.

many more things to come.

This is just the Start! I hope to create an unique Experience focusing on a unique and fun experience! If you want to enjoy the Journey with us. Join us ChainSMP.

💟 Thank you section 💟

Thanks to all of the Members of the Community providing me with Models and the greatest of Ideas! And all of the other fantastic Developers of the QoL and Perfomance Mods!

Project members



Technical information

Client side
Server side
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