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Chronos Client

Client modpack

Chronos Client provides the best possible FPS along with some cool Add-Ons to improve gameplay experience.


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Created 2 months ago
Updated 13 days ago

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To install Chronos Client, visit our documentation which provides instructions on using ATLauncher, MultiMC, and PolyMC.

Chronos Client

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Chronos Client is a fast, lightweight client-side modpack, based on the new Quilt loader.

Chronos Client is the most popular Quilt modpack on Modrinth!


Join the Chronos Client Discord for the latest news :)

Use ATLauncher for full experience!


  1. Based on Quilt
  2. Best FPS boosters included * ✅
  3. Optional mods to make the pack how you like it! ** ✅
  4. Improved Social Interactions by Essential
  5. Three versions to pick from (Classic, Plus, Extended) ❌

Why use Chronos Client over for example Fabulously Optimized?

  • There are optional mods to pick from! **
  • More Quality-Of-Life mods included, like AppleSkin and OkZoomer!
  • Using Quilt Loader.
  • Our main features are always available on Modrinth! ***

* Best FPS booster mods in my opinion.
** Only works with ATLauncher
*** Fabulously Optimized is mainly still on CurseForge.

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