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Create Extra


Mainly just some small client mods for the amazing create mod

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Create Extra

Create Extra is a small collection of mostly client-side mods designed to enhance your experience with the Create Mod on Fabric and Quilt. This modpack adds select mods with the objective of providing a better Minecraft world or server experience, without overwhelming you with unnecessary additions.

📥 Installation

  • Modrinth App: You can download and play the modpack directly in the official Modrinth App
  • Third party Launcher: To install and play the modpack with the .mrpack file, follow the instructions here.
  • Server Side: To install the server-side mods, you can use mrpack-install.

🔄 Modpack Resources

  • Mods: You can find a list of all used mods on Moddermore.
  • Resourcepack: If you want to play with a nice vanilla-themed resource pack, we recommend VanillaTweaks.

The Forge/NeoForge version is located at this link

🛠️ How do I set up the modpack?

Starting from version 1.5.0, it is now possible to configure the modpack using the Mod Sets mod. In order to configure the build as you want, you need to follow this path as soon as you enter the main menu: (Mods -> Mod Sets -> Config)

🔌 Server Hosting

Looking to play the modpack with your friends on a Minecraft Server? We recommend our partner Shockbyte. Use code CREATE-PLUS to get 25% off your first month. Click here.


💡 Contribute

  • BondiBen
  • GideonWhite

📞 Contact


For the Create Team

If there are any problems with this project, please let me know on Discord. (bondiben) or (gideonwhite1029)

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