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Fresh Animations Fabric

This modpack is made with performance in mind, no unnecessary mods are added. And the best of all is FRESH ANIMATIONS is included!!! Hope you enjoy....

This modpack includes (newest versions only):

  • Sodium
  • Lithium
  • Starlight
  • Indium
  • LazyDFU
  • Ksyxis
  • Nviduim
  • Bobby
  • Ferritecore
  • Entity Culling

Remember to enable te resourcepack 🫡

Special thanks to

And also a big thanks for Fresh_Lx for making the fresh animations resource pack.

Link to his resource pack: Click Here!

And also big thanks to YoungSoulluoS for rewriting fresh animations for fabric 1.19.2.

Link to the edited fresh animations: Click Here!

And with the 1.20.1+ version the modpack uses the mod EMF made by Traben.

The link to the mod EMF Click Here!

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