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Fresh Animations-85% complete

Fresh Animations is a work in progress resource pack that gives an animation overhaul to the creatures in the default look of Minecraft. The aim is to make the mobs more dynamic and believable.

Optifine or EMF Required

This resource pack uses an OptiFine feature called custom entity models (CEM) to add new models and animations.
As an alternative to Optifine, the combination of Entity Model Features and Entity Texture Features can be used for CEM features.

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Having issues?

  • Make sure you have these settings: Video Settings > Quality > Custom Entity Models : ON
  • When using mods, EMF and ETF is the best option

Reanimated in FA

Animated mobs Graphic: Mob Graphic
Animated mobs list:

Version 1.0:
  Iron Golem
+ Version 1.1:
  Zombie Villager
  Wither Skeleton
+ Version 1.2:
  Wandering Trader
+ Version 1.3:
  Elder Guardian
  Cave Spider
+ Version 1.4:
+ Version 1.5:
  Trader Llama
+ Version 1.6:
  Skeleton Horse
  Zombie Horse
+ Version 1.7:
  Piglin Brute
  Zombified Piglin
  Magma Cube
+ Version 1.8:
  Tropical Fish
+ Version 1.9:
+ Version 1.9.1:
+ More to come!


Fresh Animations Extensions are extra resource packs with additional features for Fresh Animations.

  • Load these packs above Fresh Animations to work correctly.
  • These packs are mostly suited for the vanilla look and aren't friendly to other resource packs.
  • They are made for and require Fresh Animations.

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If you ask a question that's already answered in the spoiler below, I will probably ignore it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is Fresh Animations a mod / datapack?
A: Nope, Fresh Animations is just a resource pack! It does require OptiFine to work, though.

Q: Can you make a Bedrock port?
A: It's not as simple as porting it. To make a version that would work on Bedrock, I would have to start from scratch. So that's not something I plan to do any time soon if ever.

Q: Can you add player animations?
A: Sadly no. Optifine currently doesn't support player animations. It may be possible with other mods, but I haven't looked into it yet.

Q: Why isn't the ___ animated? Can you add it?
A: Not all the mobs are animated yet. Fresh Animations is a Beta pack so it is developed over time, so new mobs animations will be added in major updates.
I work and add new animations at my own pace, so please refrain from requesting animations.

Q: Why do some mobs have white eyes and no new animations when I load the resource pack?
A: This occurs when you haven't installed the Optifine Mod correctly, OR Custom Entity Models is not enabled in Video Settings. The required settings are as follows:
Video Settings > Quality > Custom Entity Models: ON
A: This can also happen with some 3rd party clients.
A: Also make sure you're using the right Optifine version (refer to the next question below).

Q: Why are the mobs invisible / have invisible parts?
A: This happens with some game versions including 1.18.1, 1.18 and 1.17.x. Use Optifine HD U H9 or newer to use the main pack.
For 1.18 and 1.17.x, use the alternative version of the resource pack (

Q: Why do some mobs have big purple/black textures when I load the resource pack?
A: This often occurs when the pack is loaded in. I think it's caused by an Optifine bug. To solve this, you need to exit the game and re-launch it.

Q: Is Fresh Animations compatible with ___ ?
A: Probably not completely. Textures for some mobs break with other packs as they are resized in FA. Other packs with custom entity models won't work as it would override the models FA.
Otherwise, textures for most mobs should be fine. A solution for some packs is to make an 'addon' version using Optifine CEM Parts.

Q: The pack is warning me that it's made for another version of Minecraft. Which version should I get?
A: Any version of this pack should work as intended in most versions, as long as there's a version of Optifine to run it. I recommend using the latest version for the latest updates and new animations. Don't worry about the version warning!

Q: Is there a way to use Fresh Animations without OptiFine?
A: Fresh Animations requires Optifine features like Custom Entity Models (CEM) to work. Some Optifine CEM alternative mods are being developed. I recommend Entity Model Features.


Terms of Use:

Fresh Animations: Terms & Conditions

  • By using this resource pack, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions
  • FreshLX is the creator and copyright owner of this resource pack
  • These terms are subject to change at any time
  • These terms only apply if you intend to use the resource pack in your own content you want to share publicly
  • The terms listed on the official project CurseForge, Modrinth, and Planet Minecraft pages, supersede any license, readme or terms/conditions information provided anywhere else, including in the resource pack files
  • Not all the assets/elements of this resource pack are subject to these terms. The following terms apply specifically to the following assets/elements:
    • Custom Entity Models
    • Custom Entity Model Animations
    • pack icon
  • If you use assets from this resource pack in your own, credit is required. Preferably including its name and a link to an official CurseForge, Modrinth, or Planet Minecraft page
  • The creator has the final say about which terms apply to your use of this resource pack and its assets

With this resource pack, YOU MAY:

  • modify the resource pack if it's for personal use only, meaning you cannot share it publicly
  • include this resource pack in your mod pack or server
  • use this resource pack in forms of content such as videos, live streams, blog posts
  • use an edited version of this resource pack in forms of content such as videos, live streams, blog posts, if the edited version is not publicly available
  • remix, transform, and build upon its assets in your own resource pack, within reason, if credit is given
  • earn money using remixed, transformed, and built upon assets in your own resource pack

With this resource pack, YOU MAY NOT:

  • redistribute this resource pack
  • port this resource pack or its assets to work on Minecraft Bedrock Edition
  • include unedited assets in your own resource pack, unless you have permission from the creator
  • include assets from this resource pack in a paid product or paid access to a product, unless you have permission from the creator

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