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  • First installation takes a while! You will look at a black MC screen for some time as the pack downloads the all of the pack's mods.
  • In order to run this pack as a server, you must convert a downloaded/installed version. Read the included server_prep_README.txt file for instructions.
  • This is a high-impact modpack. Make sure you dedicate at least 5GB of ram in your launcher—preferably more. This means you will need 64-bit Java. Similarly, I recommend you add Java args in your Launcher, if able
  • The modpack is also difficult. Read the Starter's Guide!

Making a server?

Extract the contents of and read the README for more info. It will take your client-side installation and convert it to a server-compatible version.

Galaxy Odyssey is the result of years of assembling, customizing, and fine-tuning a modpack in order to create my ideal Minecraft experience.

Galaxy Odyssey emphasizes three core philosophies:

1. Challenge

  • GO is swarming with creatures and dangers: random variations on vanilla mobs, all-new mobs, multiple new bosses, a much tougher Ender Dragon, abandoned wizard towers lined with traps, and labyrinthine subterranean dungeons!
  • In addition to health and hunger, players must stay hydrated, keep an eye on their body temperature, and avoid spending too much time underground from risk of suffocation or creeping insanity!
  • Unsupported structures will collapse and loose or damp ground can cascade in a landslide.

2. Progression

  • Players begin with access only to their hotbars, and must spend experience points to unlock their inventory slots.
  • Vanilla-style tools and weapons cannot be crafted (except for hoes): these must be created via Tinkers' Construct. However, TC tools level up with use, and each level-up unlocks a modifier slot for adding enhancements.
  • The stats and availability of tool metals/materials across multiple mods has been strongly rebalanced, ensuring that every ore has its time to shine!
  • With the proper (rare) resources, players can quadruple their health bar!

3. Exploration

  • GO uses Realistic Terrain Generation alongside mods that expand the number of biomes, mobs, structures, foods, and raw materials in the world.
  • Chest loot has been reworked, as have villager trades—and the villagers now have names!
  • A library of books, including both useful mod references and journals for light reading, can be dropped by mobs, found in dungeons, or sold by the odd librarian.
  • Players can build space stations or travel to multiple planets and moons across multiple star systems!
  • Other dimensions can be explored, such as the EnviroMine Deep Caves, an overhauled End dimension, the enchanting Twilight Forest, the dreamworlds of Witchery, and Anu's fortress purgatory!

You can read more about points 1 and 2 in this starter's guide.

In Galaxy Odyssey, you can:

Or you could do all of the above.

Since Sept 2017, I have been publishing an ongoing Galaxy Odyssey survival series on my YouTube channel, for which this modpack is the backbone. The pack has gradually evolved since that time, but you can get a sense of what the pack has to offer by watching any random episode.

I also have a Discord server where you can talk about the modpack, or any of my various mods, or just hang out.

Special thanks to KibaTheBarbarian for helping me create and test this modpack for its public release.


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