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The Logo of Gensokyo Reimagined, Features the Japanese Kanji for "Touhou" in a yellow handwritten looking font, below which is the title of the server, all atop a cyan, pastel like background

This modpack is designed for usage on the Gensokyo Reimagined Minecraft Server, it provides numerous performance increases and quality-of-life additions that revolve around the server's experience. Learn more on our website!


The Voxy mod may cause crashes on some machines. If you are experiencing crashes trey disabling the mod until further notice.

Performance Increase

With modern performance enhancing mods like Sodium, Lithium and more, Gensokyo Reimagined QOL has the potential to massively outclass* vanilla and Optifine framerates, allowing you to experience Gensokyo as it was meant to be.

A comparison between Vanilla and Modpack framerates, highlighted in the Vanilla screenshot F3 screen is "58 fps" and highlighted in the Modpack F3 screen is "401 fps"

Minor tweaks

In order to smoothen the MMO experience in Minecraft, Gensokyo Reimagined QOL provides a few tweaks that don't break the Vanilla feel. These include but are not limited to: extended chat history, borderless window mode, a toggleable mini-map, and more!

Reach out

We have a growing community of friendly members and staff who like to discuss the pack and and help out with any issues that may arise. Join us today!


While the performance enhancing mods in this modpack can and will provide a much smoother Minecraft experience, the choice to use shaders or otherwise may further impact performace depending on your particular PC specifications.

This pack only adds optimization and other client-side mods. If looking for a touhou-inspired singleplayer experience, we recommend trying out Maxmani's Touhou Mods

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