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To install Hammer, visit our documentation which provides instructions on using ATLauncher, MultiMC, and Prism Launcher.


September 3rd, 2022

This project is no longer maintained. While I thought this would be a nice project to have on the side, it's a hassle to update because of the way Forge works. Even if it does work, it won't work with many mods anyway, so I don't see the point of maintaining it. Feel free to make a fork and keep it going if you want.

Looking for a replacement? Check out Toaster Support. It achieves the same idea, and I recommend that for an updated alternative.

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⚠️ Many Forge mods may stop working when using this. This is because the mods that this pack uses aren't too well-known, or the mod creator doesn't have their mod compatible with these mods. There is unfortunately no effective way to get around this other than Optifine.

⚠️ Why are there no 1.17 versions? Rubidium, the main performance mod in this pack, doesn't have a 1.17 version. I recommend using Optifine at that point.

🔨 About Modrinth Downloads GitHub Stars Discord Online

Hammer is a Forge performance modpack that tries to keep the game as fast as possible, while still looking great. It is meant to be a sort of "base layer" that you can build on top of to make your own modpacks, or just use by itself. It is designed to have the least mods possible, with the best performance possible. No quality-of-life mods, none of that. Just speed.

Looking for a Fabric performance modpack? Try my other project Adrenaline! I recommend switching to Fabric anyway unless you can't.

➕ Features

🔥 Great Optimization!

A lot of the optimization is done by Rubidium, but there are also a few other great optimization mods installed, tweaked to give the greatest performance while looking good. It can improve the framerate up to eight times! Putting that into perspective, Optifine can only play at around two times the framerate.

Using FastLoad, there is instant nether travel and faster world generation.

Most of the time I put into this modpack is the optimization, and it gets better every month or two.

❌ No QOL Mods!

Many other performance modpacks tend to bundle quality of life mods in them, even when they say it's a performance modpack. This is different. I will always stay true to its purpose and only include optimization mods. No zoom mods, none of that. That's why I call it a base layer, you can add those extra QOL mods yourself after you install it.

⏩ Quick Updates!

I will try to update to newer Minecraft versions quickly. However, I am focusing my efforts mostly on my other projects like Adrenaline.

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

🔧 How do I install it?

Here is a quick video that shows you how to install it. The process should be very similar on most launchers. Make sure you have all the dependencies for it! All are linked in the description of the video.

This tutorial was made for Adrenaline, but you install it the same way.

📦 Can I make a modpack with this?

Yes, you can! Feel free to use this in any way you want! If you are making something public with this like a modpack, all I ask for is credit somewhere. You don't have to give credit - after all it's just a Minecraft modpack, but I spend lots of time maintaining this and it would help a ton. If you do want to give credit, just put this website in there.

💬 How can I provide feedback?

If you want to talk about the pack or have any questions, please use the Discord server! However, if you are asking for a feature to be added or giving a bug report, use the issue tracker instead. Thanks!

♻️ Versioning

Modpack versions for older MC versions will try to replicate the latest stable version. This makes it super simple, but older versions may have less features as many mods can be missing.

This goes for newer, alpha versions as well. However, they will continue to be updated with multiple alpha stages until it has the same mods as the previous version.

For simplicity, I attempt to follow Minecraft's version naming scheme: 1.X.Y.

  • 1 is just there. I don't know why, but it is.
  • X is the release. This means adding/removing mods. These won't be made too often.
  • Y is the patch for that release. This can be updating mods, changing config files, or any other small fix. These will be made often.

I stop supporting older versions over time, but it isn't mandatory to update as they should still be very stable.

LTS (Long-term support) versions are the last minor release of that Minecraft version's major release. This means that 1.16.5 would be the LTS release, not 1.16-1.16.4. LTS versions will be maintained for roughly a year or two before ending support.

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👍 Thank you!

Thank you CaffeineMC team for the wonderful optimization mods like Sodium - this pack wouldn't exist without you all.

Thank you Asek3 for porting Sodium to Forge - most of the performance boost comes from there.

Thank you amazing modders for developing the other mods in this pack - it helps quite a lot.

And thank you for choosing Hammer - enjoy the modpack. Join my modpack Discord for announcements, support, and chatting.