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Hammer is a simple performance modpack for (Neo)Forge that tries to keep the game as fast as possible, while still looking great. It is meant to be a sort of "base layer" that you can build on top of to make your own modpacks and instances or just use by itself. It is designed to have the least mods possible, with the best performance possible. No quality-of-life mods, just optimization.

📥 Installation guide

Please follow this tutorial on the wiki to figure out how to install the modpack, or use the instructions in the official Modrinth documentation above. After you install the pack, you can figure out how to tweak things to give greater optimizations in the post-install section of the wiki. This includes procedures such as increasing your allocated memory, tweaking your game settings for your device, and some more advanced stuff such as changing your Java runtime and JVM flags.

🔥 Performance

Hammer can significantly enhance the performance of your game by using various optimization mods and configurations. You can expect faster startup times, quicker world loading, and a very high increase in framerates, with some tests showing a boost of up to ~6-7 times the performance with Hammer compared to not having any mods installed.

Need improved performance? Use the better version of this pack, Adrenaline, built for modern loaders such as Fabric and Quilt with much wider compatibility and higher framerates.

◽ Keeping it simple

Hammer is created with the sole purpose of optimizing the game's performance, not to add any extra features. This means that you have full control over what features you want to add when setting up your instance, ensuring that only the necessary mods are installed and running, resulting in a very smooth and optimized experience without any unnecessary distractions.

I do have a modpack called Drill that is based on Additive, designed to be an open-source alternative to OptiFine for (Neo)Forge. Feel free to check it out!

✅ Compatibility

Hammer is designed to be compatible with a wide range of devices, even those with very low specifications. This makes it an accessible option with varying hardware configurations. The pack is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.

⚙️ How it works

Hammer utilizes a variety of optimization mods that are designed to work seamlessly together. Many of these mods have been adjusted to provide improved performance beyond their standard settings, and this has proven to be effective. It's important to note that, compared to some other modpacks, Hammer may be more aggressive in its optimizations and can sometimes result in instability. However, these instances are rare.

🐛 Reporting Issues

Experiencing bugs, crashes, or other issues? Feel free to open an issue on the issue tracker.

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

For a few frequently asked questions, please visit the wiki. It also has a few other helpful resources that I suggest you read, such as troubleshooting info and more :)

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