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Hoplite for Lunar Client

Hoplite for Lunar Client is a tailor-made list of popular mods to enhance your gameplay experience, including in-game proximity voice chat. These mods are validated to work with Lunar Client.

Note: While you're able to use Hoplite for Lunar Client on any modpack loader, it's heavly recommended to use on Lunar Client to ensure you get the best experience on Hoplite.

Modpack Content

  • Simple Voice Chat: Proximity voice chat for Minecraft with a variety of features.
  • Cloth Config API: Configuration library for Minecraft Mods.
  • Krypton: Optimizes in the Minecraft network stack. Reduces memory and CPU usage.
  • Mod Menu: Adds a mod menu to view an in-game list of all the mods you have installed.
  • More Culling: Prevents the rendering of things you cannot see to improve FPS.
  • Nvidium: Adds additional optimizations for Minecraft users who have a NVIDIA GPU.
  • Memory Leak Fix: Fixes random memory leaks found within vanilla Minecraft.
  • Sodium Extra: Adds features found in Optifine to Sodium, like particle and animation settings.
  • Reese's Sodium Options: Replaces Sodium's option screen to improve user experience.
  • FabricSkyBoxes: Allows resourcepacks to define custom skyboxes.


What's Hoplite and where can I play it?

Hoplite is a Minecraft server created and owned by SpeedSilver. Hoplite offers innovative new games such as Battle Royale and Duels. All of the gamemodes found on Hoplite, contain custom items referred to as "Legendary Items". These are unique custom model items, that have special abilities to create a unique combat experience. You can play Hoplite today @

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How do I launch this on Lunar Client?
Simple! In three easy steps you can be ready to go!

Step 1: Download Lunar Client

Lunar Client Download Grid

Step 2: Open Lunar Client and Click the Hoplite Logo

Launcher Hoplite Quickplay

Step 3: Click "Launch Modpack"

Launcher Hoplite Mod Prompt

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