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A Fabric-based modpack built around optimizing your Minecraft client without adding extra bloat. Want a version with some extra bells and whistles? Check of the plus version of the modpack!


Kami Chan Optimized uses commonly installed Fabric performance mods to turn your client up to 11. Some of these mods include Sodium, Lithium, and Starlight.

Vanilla Parity

Since we don't add any content mods the Kami Chan Optimized modpack will work in any world and on any server.

Open source

We're a completely open source modpack. You can view our source code here. Feel free to open issues or even make a PR to improve on the pack!


  • Q: Why did you create yet another optimization modpack?
    • A: We found it odd that other modpacks were including mods that really didn't need to be in an optimization modpack. We believe that the pack should be as bare bones as possible and only include what is needed.
  • Q: I ran into a bug! Where can I get it fixed?
    • A: Feel free to submit an issue on our GitHub here. We'll look into what is causing the bug.
  • Q: I enjoy what you're doing, how can I help out?
    • A: We appreciate that you're enjoying the modpack! Just using it is enough to help out but if you want to go above and beyond there are a few things that can be done!
      • Share the modpack with your friends! The more people who use it the more it'll be suggested.
      • Disable your ad blocker on Modrinth! Modrinth kicks back some of the ad revenue to creators on the platform.
  • Q: What mods do you include in the pack? Why those in particular?
    • A:
      Included mods
      • Animatica
      • Cull Less Leaves
      • Dynamic FPS
      • Entity Culling
      • Fabric API
      • Ferrite Core
      • Indium
      • Lazy DFU
      • Lithium
      • Memory Leak Fix
      • Mixin Conflict Helper
      • Model Gap Fix
      • Modmenu
      • Optigui
      • Puzzle
      • Reese's Sodium Options
      • Smooth Boot
      • Sodium Extra
      • Sodium
      • Starlight
      • YetAnotherConfigLib


We employ a somewhat normal versioning scheme. The current format is w.x.y.z.

W will increment each new Minecraft release. For instance, version 1 is 1.19.3 and 2 would be 1.19.4.
X will increment with any changes to the list of mods. For instance, adding/removing a mod would increment that number.
Y will increment with any updates to any mods in the list.
Z will increment with any hotfixes to the modpack.


Kami Chan Optimized is not affiliated with the PaperMC project. Please do not go to their Discord for support. Instead use the Discord link listed in this project's links.

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