Kosmolot's Unofficial Masa Mods for 1.20.x

Kosmolot's Unofficial Masa Mods for 1.20.x


Kosmolot's unofficial builds/ports of Masa Mods. For use only when there is no official release.

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Kosmolot's Unofficial Masa Mods

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These are unofficial, community-maintained ports of Masa Mods to 1.20.x:

The mods are provided on an as-is basis - they work, they have some bugs, but they are better than nothing.

How to use

Change the file extension from .mrpack to .zip and unpack with e.g. 7-zip or WinRAR or the built-in Windows unarchiver.

If you're using a mod manager like MultiMC or Prism, you can install the modpack directly from Modrinth. From there you can choose which mods you want to use, copy them to your own modpack, etc.

Known Bugs

  • Itemscroller autocrafting is broken, crashes the game. Fixed.
  • Itemscroller alt-clicking is broken, only moves stacks with exact same amount. Fixed?
  • Hand Restock is acting up. Fixed?
  • Sign text is not pasted. Works as intended?
  • Can't edit number fields? (use mouse wheel as a workaround)

If you want any bug fixed, please submit a pull request. Sadly I can't fix bugs myself as I'm woefully busy in the coming weeks.

Monetization Transparency

The project revenue is equally split between me, masa, and whoever did the current ports.


Q: Why?
A: Because masa is a great potat but he's tired and burned out, and struggles with updating the mods. These ports are made so that the community is not left without tools, and masa is not pressured by about 15 people every day whenever a new Minecraft version lands.

Q: Who made these?
A: Depends on the release. For complete credits, see each upload's release notes. Historically, ports were done by Hendrix_Shen, plusls, Pinnit, warmbroke and Kosmolot.

Q: Are the ports stable?
A: They have bugs but they are better than nothing.

Q: Are the ports safe to use?
A: I am a moderator in the official MasaModding discord, I hope that's enough credibility. If you don't trust JARs posted by a silly Polish guy, you can build from source. Some Java experience required.

Q: Should I wait until Masa releases his official versions?
A: History has taught us that using unofficial ports can save our asses until official versions are released.

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