Necterium Serverpack

Necterium Serverpack


Necterium Serverpack is a modpack for a server named Necterium.

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Necterium Serverpack

This Small pack consists of some optimization mods that should help your game run smoother than before. This pack is meant for those who can't run Minecraft on their own and need a little bit of a boost of frames.

Note: Please Do NOT use the comment section if any for bug reports, this modpack is mainly meant for those who need it or those willing to join the Minecraft server when it's released!

Discord Server

Join our discord server by either clicking on the discord link or by clicking on the discord button in the menu of the pack to become one with the community!

Invite Friends

We believe gaming is more enjoyable with friends. So, don't forget to invite your buddies to join the adventure on the Necterium Minecraft Server and make the gaming experience memorable! Your enthusiasm and camaraderie will contribute to a vibrant and enjoyable community. Have fun!

Update Information

As this pack increases in size of players, the more the updates will come quicker. If you have any suggestions for the pack and it's updates, please join the discord server!

Recommended Pack Version

The Pack Version that is Recommended is always going to be the latest Stable or Beta builds, so please use those versions as the Alpha builds are known to have some minor or major bugs.

Bug Reports

Speaking of major or minor bugs, please report all issues you find with the modpack in the pack-issues channel within the discord server.

Thank you!

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