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A pure performance fabric modpack

Alternative to Optifine. Increased performance and smoother gameplay, with additional tweaks and fixes, designed to work on all Vanilla multiplayer servers.

This modpack is essentially a stripped down version of Hexandcube's Client Tweaks, with all features that could potentially affect gameplay removed, made specifically for playing on public multiplayer servers.

Warning! While this modpack was designed to be used on multiplayer servers, always make sure that the server you're playing on, allows mods included in this pack. Playing on competitive servers like Hypixel with this modpack is not recommended and may result in a ban. I personally have been playing on Hypixel with this modpack for months, and didn't have any issues, so play at your own risk.


  • Improved rendering performance

  • Improved network stack

  • Improved lighting engine

  • Improved block and entity culling

  • Faster GUI rendering

  • Faster animations

  • Client and Server side bug fixes

  • Better RAM management

  • Faster loading time

  • Borderless Fullscreen

  • Faster block entities

  • Fast language switching

  • Faster XP orbs

  • Better performance when game is minimized

  • Optifine shaders support

  • Zoom key (change keybinds)

  • Optifine and MinecraftCapes custom cape support


By default this modpack will prioritise official Minecraft capes. If you want to use free capes, open the Mods menu, search for 'Capes', click the options icon, and change Cape Type to Minecraft Capes.

Version List

⚠️ - Version has a critical issue which might make the game unplayable (check issue details)

Version 2.x (1.20.x)

  • PerformanceCraft 2.1 for 1.20.1 (2023-10-08)
  • ⚠️ PerformanceCraft 2.0 for 1.20.1 (2023-09-24) [Issue #1]

Version 1.x (1.19.x)

  • PerformanceCraft 1.0 for 1.19.3 (2023-03-13)

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