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Prosperity Client

A minimal and performant client-side modpack intended for technical players. This pack features a number of tried and tested optimizations, in-addition to all the standard tools a technical player would expect. This pack intends to be as minimal as possible, providing the core features that are expected for it's use. Most things are disabled by default, and the pack features a relatively small set of mods.

Fair Warning

This pack is intended for technical players, and specifically players on the Prosperity server, so it features a number of mods and features that would be considered ban worthy on many servers. These include auto-clickers and other mods which are often frowned on outside of the technical community. If you get yourself banned using this pack that's your own fault!


Q: Why doesn't this modpack have [zoom mod / some obvious mod]?

Tweakeroo, MiniHUD, and other mods likely already have the feature. In the case of zoom, Tweakeroo already has a zoom feature, you just need to configure it.

Q: Why doesn't the pack feature [some mod]?

Probably because I thought it was unnecessary, but if there is an obvious missing mod, let me know.


If you need any help with this pack you may contact me, CarbonGhost, via Discord on the Prosperity server or directly as @carbonghost.


If you wish to contribute to this pack you may make a pull request on it's GitHub page. This pack is created using packwiz, pull requests which don't comply with it's format will not be accepted.

To build the pack for release run:

packwiz refresh
packwiz modrinth export

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