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What is 'Qi'?

Qi modpack logo Qi is a modpack named after the Eastern mythic concept of a life force energy, featuring over 300 mods pertaining to nature, beauty, magic, dungeons, dimensions, and the unnatural which seeks to impose itself unto what is natural in this world - All six aspects branching out in another form from the same foundation, some even intertwining with one another as something wondrous or terrible. Enable disabled mods to add to your experience, so to forge a community to lead and defend or awaken an ancient ghost and his wrath brought upon for having dared ever cross his path... Shall you traverse the realms of light and darkness? Or will you summon forth the apocalypse destined to wither away all, and face its dark storm head-on... Your destiny is unwritten, your story untold. The Endless Planes of Existence await. Forge your own fate.

Choose your path, child of Minecraftia: Life or Unlife?

A/N: Recommend using Minecraft instance launchers, ex. Prism Launcher or MultiMC

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Member of the Colors of the Soul series, in the blue energy of life

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