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What is QOLptimize?

QOLptimized is a modpack that aims to optimize your game while also having quality of life features and recreating the feel and features of optifine.

Bellow are some features of QOLptimize

Better FPS

QOLptimize adds numeral optimization mods to make sure your game runs at top speeds!

Quality of life features

QOLptimize adds mods like:



-Dynamic Lighting

Optifine support

Got a texture pack that uses CIT? Play on a server that needs CIT textures? You're in luck as QOLptimize adds CIT compatiblity!


Fixes numeral issues/bugs in the base game.

Fast boot times

Adds mods that make your game launch way faster!


  • Animatica
  • Borderless Mining
  • Custom Entity Models
  • CIT Resewn
  • Cloth Config API
  • Colormatic
  • Continuity
  • Cull Less Leaves
  • Debugify
  • Enhanced Block Entities
  • EntityCulling
  • Entity Texture Features
  • Fabric API
  • Fabric Language Kotlin
  • FabricSkyboxes
  • FerriteCore
  • FabricSkyBoxes Interop
  • Indium
  • Iris Shaders
  • Item Model Fix
  • LambDynamicLights
  • Language Reload
  • LazyDFU
  • Lithium
  • Main Menu Credits
  • Memory Leak Fix
  • Mod Menu
  • No Chat Reports
  • OptiGUI
  • Puzzle
  • Reese's Sodium Options
  • Smooth Boot (Fabric)
  • Sodium Extra
  • Sodium
  • Starlight (Fabric)
  • YetAnotherConfigLib
  • Zoomify
  • BetterF3
  • AppleSkin
  • Litematica
  • MaLiLib
  • Replay Mod (Fabric)
  • Dynamic FPS
  • ShulkerBoxTooltip
  • Screenshot to Clipboard
  • Not Enough Animations

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