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Quantum Freedom

A sequel to the Technical Electrical Series where you can do anything, but built on the Quilt Mod Loader. 1.19 Version releasing soon!


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To install Quantum Freedom, visit our documentation which provides instructions on using ATLauncher, MultiMC, and PolyMC.

Quantum Freedom is a successor to the Technical Electrical Modpack Series. The pack allows you to create anything you can imagine in your worlds. You can build machines that can allow you to take control of the world or embrace nature and magic to integrate yourself into the world and its biomes. Quantum Freedom's philosophy is that one mod for one use, which helps keep the pack light by not including mods without a reason for them, they are all carefully chosen to help keep resource usage low, while having a fun modded experience. Quantum Freedom is about having fun in a modded environment. A minimal stress modpack, just kickback and relax with friends!


Bewitchment by MoriyaShiine:

Botania by Vazkii:

This pack is very early days and is not recommended for use outside of testing. It is currently aiming to release for 1.19!

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