Prosperity Remodulated has been archived. Prosperity Remodulated will not receive any further updates unless the author decides to unarchive the project.
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Prosperity Remodulated

Prosperity Remodulated is a modpack for the Prosperity SMP server end-of-year event intended to bring the core concept of the vanilla server to the modded world. Let the player be overpowered!

This pack is primarily focused around the Create mod, which strikes a great balance between complexity and features with amazing visuals. In addition there are a number of other tech, magic, and exploration mods, as to give every type of player a good time. You can join the official Remodulated server from December 9th to January 9th, details on our Discord.

Mod List

External mods:

Performance And Optimization

As this modpack is based on Fabric we have a number of performance mods to choose from, and we're running the majority of the stable ones, however none of this is magic and performance is far from optimal.

  • For clients playing in singleplayer we recommend 4 GB - 8 GB of RAM.
  • For clients playing on a server you can likely get away with less than 4 GB.
  • For servers we recommend 6 GB of RAM minimum and 8 GB to 12 GB for the optimal experience in addition to at least 2 dedicated CPU cores.

As a server owner or in singleplayer you have a number of optimization opportunities you can take advantage of. We recommend taking some time to configure ServerCore and Carpet to get the best performance.


  • Craft a biplane or other aircraft as quick and easy early game transportation. This is especially useful when you get to the end.
  • Learn how to bunnyhop! This feature is added by the Squake mod by default and allows for rapid, skill-based, on foot transport.
    • Start bunnyhopping by holding space with some forward momentum.
    • Continue to hold space while letting go of the forward key and pressing down a left or right movement key.
    • Slowly turn your mouse left or right to increase your speed while holding a side movement key and space.
    • Crouch while you're in the air to convert your momentum to a jump.
    • You can disable this entire feature in the /config/squake.cfg file.

For Server Owners

  • Make sure to set your gamerules for No Enchant Cap.
  • We recommend disabling the vanilla anti-cheat with the command /carpet setDefault antiCheatDisabled true to fix players rubberbanding.


This pack ships with a number opinionated defaults, which are what is running on the official server. If you don't like them you can delete your /config folder and options.txt, then restart the game which will generate default configuration files for all the mods.

If you only wish to revert the controls then only delete options.txt.


How do I play the pack?

We recommend you read the Modrinth help page.

Why are there so many errors when starting the game?

With a modpack this time there will doubtless be a number of errors and exceptions thrown. But if your game starts then you're probably good.

Why do I keep getting the message "Trying to authenticate voice connection"

Either the server you are connecting to has Simple Voice Chat configured incorrectly or doesn't have it at all. If you don't intend on using this mod we recommend you simply uninstall Simple Voice Chat.

How do I update the pack?

Many launcher support downloading Modrinth packs, but some don't support updating them. Notably this includes Prism Launcher and MultiMC. Unfortunately updating a modpack is quite the process, you can follow these instructions to see how to do it:

  1. Check the changelog on the latest release! There may be warnings about world corruption or specific update instructions!
  2. Create a new instance and download the version of the modpack you desire.
  3. Copy the options.txt file to the new instance, this contains your controls and various in game settings.
  4. Copy your /saves folder to the new instance, this contains your worlds.
  5. If you have any custom mod configurations you will need to manually copy the old files to the new instance one by one.
  6. Copy anything else you want to keep from your old instance to the new one.
  7. Make a backup of your worlds and servers and test that the pack works.

I have another issue...

Reach out to me (@CarbonGhost#5183) on the Prosperity Discord server.

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