Survivalpack Legacy Editions has been archived. Survivalpack Legacy Editions will not receive any further updates unless the author decides to unarchive the project.
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Survivalpack Legacy Editions

This page is purely for archival reasons. This project lasted from October 15th 2022 to August 8th 2023.

Survivalpack was a Vanilla+, 1.19.3/1.20/1.20.1 modpack, that has been discontinued.

It focuses on many Minor changes, to Enhance your experience.

You are free to build off these archives for your own modpack, but as per the license you must give credit to this page. A link back is enough.

Features -

  • Terrain Gen using Continents
  • Good performance
  • Improved Villages via CTOV, more structures via Immersive Structures
  • Lifesteal Mechanics
  • Integrated Servers via Essential

A ruined portal sits in the forest

Mountains sit blocking the sunrise

Currently Archived Versions

V3.2.0 (1.19.3)

V4.0.21 (1.19.3)

V5.2.0 (1.20)

V6.0.14 (1.20.1)

V7.0.0 (1.20.1, beta)

If more versions are found, they will be uploaded to this archive.

This official sequel project is Survivalpack-Cerium.

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