The InBetween

The InBetween


A modpack dedicated to our semi-rp server. Following the spirit of QSMP, but with a fully custom pack, lore, and much more !

Client and server AdventureMagicMultiplayerOptimization

Created7 months ago
Updated6 days ago

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Hey you !

[Story summary TBD]

Don't hesitate to join us, and dive into our story. Participate to the creation of a cool journey. Ask for whitelisting in our discord!

This modpack contains a bit less than 300 mods, on fabric 1.20.1. The goal of this pack is to offer an experience that is as compatible with roleplay as possible.

Discover fantastic places with Terralith and Tectonic. Bring your friend to defeat huge dungeons of Awesome Dungeons and Yung's mods, and face though bosses from Bosses of Mass Destruction.

Heat your brain by using Create, and chill with your friend building cool furnitures from Handcrafted and Macaw's mods.

Never get lost by looking at EMI informations for how to craft everything and where to find what you need to.

Craft sick armors from Mythic Metals, and bring cool gadgets to impress other people.

Become a powerful wizard with the Wizards mod.

Communicate with everybody by using Plasmo Voice.

And there is a lot more to discover !


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