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This Modpack includes everything you need as a pre-built Pixelmon exerience:


The Pixelmon Mod - The amazing mod for Minecraft that adds Pokemon exploration, capture, battling and more!


The Pixelmon OST, by Chris Geddes - A professionally made, bespoke soundtrack that adds to the immersion for this mod.


Journeymap - With sprite integration on the map. Some servers may have this functionality disabled.


Oh The Biomes You'll Go - Oh The Biomes You'll Go is an exploration and adventure mod designed to take you on a road trip across Minecraft like no other! Explore over 80 magical, realistic, and breathtaking biomes.

Adding new biomes into your world gen, complete with Pixelmon integration.


Nature's Compass - Nature's Compass allows you to locate biomes in your world, a must with extra biomes.


Explorer's Compass - Explorer's Compass allows you to locate structures in your world, very much needed with new structures coming for Pixelmon.


We recommend installing Optifine 1.16.5 with this pack, to add further optimization. (You will have to do this manually)

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