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🌍 About the Modpack

Enter a challenging environment with The World Unforgiving. Take on the tough conditions where basic industrial mods or mundane crafts won't save you. As its name suggests, this modpack sets you up for an intense survival playthrough. Its difficulty is not just hard, but extraordinarily high. Our longest survival record? Barely two weeks, with a survival streak of 27 days. Brace yourself and test your survival skills!

📦 List of Mods

List of mods - Link

Mods that are not in the list:

  1. Epic Siege Mod
  2. GraveStone Mod
  3. Industrial Craft

🔎 Optifine

There is no Optifine in the modpack, so you will have to install it manually. Visit the main page to download optifine

🛠️ How to Install the Modpack

To start playing, use the Modrinth launcher or other multi launcher analogues - MultiMC, ATLauncher or PrismLauncer.

🖥️ Modpack Installation on Servers

To create a server package, use the proven ServerPackCreator program

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🙌 Support

If you have combined a bug or an error in the build, write to us in Discord - Tim_Lord (tim_lord) or GideonWhite1029 (gideonwhite1029)

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Technical information

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