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In Wish Fulfillment: Origins Reforged, players are able to travel the new modded landscape, create powerful machinery with Create, delve into magic, and of course change the status quo with the Origins mod.

Origins Reforged is a Vanilla+ modpack featuring Origins Forge, and the first Wish Fulfillment pack to be available on Modrinth!

The World

The world of Origins Reforged is incredibly interesting to explore. Mods like Terralith and Oh, The Biomes You'll Go allow for new, gorgeous terrain to be explored.

The Automation

Mods like Create, Supplementaries, and Quark offer additional Vanilla+ automation options for players looking for a more advanced play style.

The Dungeons

Below the surface, players can explore improved Mineshafts and Strongholds thanks to the 'Yung's Better' series of mods.

The Origins

The star of the show! Origins Reforged features the Origins from Origins Forge and TooManyOrigins, to offer a good balance of options for players to try out.

Recommended Add-Ons

These mods are not available on Modrinth and have licenses that do not permit distribution, but are still recommended to use with the pack.

Licenses for Non-Modrinth Mods

These mods are not available on Modrinth, but do have licenses that permit distribution, and come with the pack.

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