A pre-configured, high performance and QoL optimised vanilla modpack with tools for advanced and new users alike.

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To install Yoru, visit our documentation which provides instructions on using ATLauncher, MultiMC, and Prism Launcher.

Why Yoru?

Yoru is a pre-configured, high performance and QoL optimised vanilla modpack with tools for advanced and new users alike.

With Yoru, you get leading performance and a polished but not overdone quality of life, expect it to work out of the box with little configuration ever required.

I personally use this pack and will frequently maintain it.

Most notably this modpack is running:

  • Iris and Sodium
  • Many other rendering, memory and misc fixes/optimisations.
  • Inventory management, sorting, shulker viewing etc...
  • World navigation and mapping.
  • Technical additions such as Litematica, MiniHUD, WorldEdit(CUI) and Tweakeroo.
  • Immersion additions, footsteps, sound physics and particles.

Please read the menus below to learn the range of features Yoru offers!

Special thanks to Botany and HaiMcFly for allowing me to use their resourcepacks in Yoru.

Thank you to Null for allowing the inclusion of Shimple shaders in this pack.

Suggestions or issues are welcome via our discord!


  • Complementary v4
  • Complementary Reimagined
  • Shimple Shaders



  • Ctrl + Shift + F - Toggle FPS Display
  • +/- Zoom map (Z for temp zoom)
  • Middle Click - Sort Inventory
  • K - Toggle Shaders
  • C - Zoom (Scroll to adjust)
  • R - Reload Shaders
  • O - Select Shaders
  • M - Map
  • B - Waypoints
  • L - Litematica

X+: Tweakeroo:

  • K - Auto Weapon Switch
  • T - Auto Tool
  • C - Menu
  • F - Freecam
  • R - Gamma Override
  • G - Auto refill items to hand

H+: Minihud:

  • C - Menu
  • R - Toggle Rendering


Quality of life improvements

  • 3D Skin Layers
  • Appleskin
  • Better Biome Blend
  • BetterF3
  • Better Recipe Book
  • Better Third Person
  • Blur
  • BoatHUD
  • Chat Calc
  • Chat Heads
  • Chest Tracker
  • Continuity
  • CraftPresence
  • Drip Sounds
  • Eating Animation
  • Falling Leaves
  • Interactic
  • LambdaBetterGrass + DynamicLights
  • Make Bubbles Pop
  • Mod Menu
  • Mouse Wheelie
  • Presence Footsteps
  • Quickreplant
  • Skip Transitions
  • Tooltips+
  • Visuality

Performance improvements

  • Blanket Client Tweaks
  • C2ME
  • Debugify
  • Dynamic FPS
  • EntityCulling
  • FastLoad
  • FerriteCore
  • Indium
  • Iris
  • Krypton
  • LazyDFU
  • Lithium
  • Memory Leak Fix
  • More Culling
  • Smooth Boot
  • Sodium
  • Sodium Extra
  • Starlight
  • Very Many Players
  • ViaVersion


  • Amecs
  • Litematica
  • MiniHUD
  • Tweakeroo
  • WorldEdit (With CUI)
  • Xaero's Minimap and Worldmap


All rights reserved have explicit modpack permission and have been adhered to:

Shrimple Shaders

Stay True

Xaero's Minimap and World Map

Complementary Shaders

Better Third Person

Fancy GUI Overhaul

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